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Bloodstone Industries

"Turmoil prior to perfection."

 Founded 2008.7.12.
Prominently foremost is the Omega symbol in red. Omega is the last letter of the Ancient Earth Greek language, whose cyclical meaning has been carried down through the ages: "with every end, there is a beginning." Its red color represents the red vein-like lines (or "inclusions") characteristic in the heliotrope mineral (mythologically said to first be found on Ancient Earth, heliotrope is known commonly throughout New Eden on a multitude of habitable/minable worlds and moons as "Bloodstone" - a form of greenish-blue jasper with red inclusions of iron oxide, visually resembling spots, or veins, of blood: that which sustains life). The sword, throughout history, is usually associated with warfare and violence, however we believe in its ancient symbolism of strength, solidarity and protection as well as its ancient, metaphorical references as a symbol of reason and intellect. The background is the common pattern seen in Bloodstone, raw and polished. However, when it comes to myth and lore of the Ancient Earth, Bloodstone is said to have been used to dispel bewilderment and clarify obscure thought, bringing focus and clarity to those who gaze into it, allowing you to recognize the beneficial aspects of "turmoil prior to perfection." So similar is life in this 'Verse, we felt it best suits how we approach our goals as a whole and thus became our corporation's motto and creed.

Our Headquarters and The Bloodstone Market:
Region: The Forge
Constellation: Okomon
Solar System: Saisio
Station: Saisio VII, Moon 1 (Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities)
X: 680120758723.0
Y: -87625358157.7
Z: 357544046766.0
Our Scientific Research Outpost Station:
Region: The Forge
Constellation: Okomon
Solar System: Hurtoken
Station: Hurtoken VII, Moon 3 (Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities)
X: -5.21634114033e+012
Y: -143674122092.0
Z: 4.24492536321e+012

Our Waypoint Station:
Region: The Forge
Constellation: Okomon
Solar System: Hampinen
Station: Hampinen VII, Moon 13 (Caldari Business Tribunal Accounting)
X: -1.05225370797e+012
Y: 18964718475.0
Z: -229823091364.0

Caldari founded, our multi-racial members are a family. An ecclectic spectrum of skilled pilots working together - and that work is what makes us whole. Our personal group philosophy integrates all our dedicated Divisions of members to provide trustworthy services to meet our needs as well as yours.

Bloodstone Industries is purportedly one of the largest player-sustained (and self-contained) markets maintained in The Forge region. With 200+ common T1 and T2 items, ships, and Capital construction components, we are a unique corporation, reliant on balancing individual and group-oriented work. Our determinitation and persistence is integral to maintaining our "Bloodstone Market". ALL our items are sold ONLY in one place in the 'verse:

The Bloodstone Market:
Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities

Us: Industrially focused. We welcome all determined ore and ice miners, skilled security, transport pilots, and industrial specialists - working with those who believe in communication, selfless participation and a goal in "the greater good". We encourage a symbiotic effort to help the growth of the individual - ultimately helping the group as a whole. Assistance for new members is priority: Our personal group philosophy integrates all dedicated Divisions providing trustworthy services to meet your needs, which lead to our growth needs as a whole.

Full members who assist corporate goals (Mining Divisions especially) are compensated with in a monthly "variable" payroll. Since Bloodstone Industries' formation, we believe in, not only "paying it forward" (karma), but sharing "the wealth" (benefits) when able. With multi-corporate communication (usually in the form of "drop notes"), full members who assist corporate goals (Mining Divisions especially) are compensated with in a monthly "variable" payroll according to our payroll guidelines outlined in the Member Information Center.

Bloodstone Industries is accepting applications, especially from "corporate-less" ore and ice miners who fit our membership prereq's and looking for a little less comm-silence in the depths of space. We also look for determined mission-runners, trustworthy trading experts, and skilled haulers (positive references upon request). Are we what you are looking for - and vice-versa? Do you have what it takes to become a member? Read up on our Bloodstone Policies and Application Guidelines by visiting our Member Information Center. Membership applications are accepted at our HQ and Bloodstone Market station location: Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilties in the Saisio system, as well as any of our offices (listed below in our HQ Information & Membership section below).

Yes, we fulfill private orders, too. We value customer confidentiality and loyalty. "Personal requests" are based on "fluctuant, current market prices" and labor. Longevity of our clientel relationships and continued customer base brings continued private "sale prices". For details, questions, and specific quotes, please send us a broadwave.

  • Ore/Ice Mining Specialists
  • Ore/Ice Refining Specialists
  • Planetary Settlement, Processing, Refining & Management
  • Heavy and Deep Space Convoy Mining Operations (with Secure, Covert protection when necessary)
  • Private Individual/Corporate/Alliance Mining For Hire (Low-Sec/0.0/WH w/Honorable Negotiations)
  • Deep Space Mining Convoys & Orca Fleet Mining Operations
  • POS and Planetary Coordination, Customs & Shipping
  • Client-Hired Secure-Escorting for Hired Courier/Hauling Transportation (Somewhat "exclusive" to hi/low sec borders. Exxceptions for trusted corporations and alliances to our own.)
  • Hired Hauling (Freighter Fleet Cargoholds ranging from 720,000m3 to 940,000+m3 per ship. Prices negotiable upon disclosed destination and discretion on secure escort if needed. Long distance: jump charges may apply, roundtrip.)
  • Mission Runners and Security Operation Specialists
  • New Recruit Security Ops Training
  • Client-Hired Secure Escorting for Pre-Arranged Courier/Hauling jobs without our Transport Division
  • Physically Secure Ops during Contractually Agreed Lower-Sec Mining Convoys, Transport Division escort/assistance and other spontaneous activities (Hulkageddon, Incursions, idiots who don't know how to use a smart-bomb correctly in a public place, etc)
  • Manufacturing Operations (Tech I, II & III)
  • Research, Productivity & Material Efficiency & Invention
  • Scientific/Laboratory Specializations
  • Private Manufacturing Jobs When Needed (If not an in-stock item BPO/BPC - BP must be provided - Collateral/Transport negotiable)
  • Maintaining The Bloodstone Market
  • Market Assessment, Establishment, Shipping & POS/Planetary Supply Operations
  • Other Regional Market Relations and Inter-Regional Networking (All Security & Sovereignty Interested)
  • Regional/Low-Sec/Wormhole/0.0 (Deep Space) Mining/Trade/Diplomatic Negotiations
  • Alliance Friendship Relations Establishments and Non-Aggression Pact (NAP) Negotiations
  • Planetary Cooperation, Colonization & Negotiations

Our Headquarters is situated on 1 of 2 very integral "traffic" points along the main "highway" through The Forge region - one of several reasons why we chose to settle first in Saisio. Note the above map. Through 4 weeks of survey ops and one-on-one communication with many pilots of all security levels, we have concluded the above flight traffic pattern. (Green stars/white lines are high-sec routes; red stars/yellow lines are low-sec routes.) Due to the massive hauling and accessibility to Lonetrek, The Citadel, Sinq Laison, Metropolis, Geminate, Etherium Reach and Vale of the Silent regions from The Forge, and taking into account the over-crowded (and obvious, economically-manipulative) trading system known as Jita, pilots of all security levels have only three main routes on "The Forge Highway" (shaded in purple above).

As you can see, The Forge is a system of 3 "cul-de-sacs" and 13 dead-end systems. For intrastellar travel, pilots have only 2 navigational choices to fully cross The Forge, even if avoiding Jita. Because of this, depending on flight routes chosen by pilots, all intra-regional traffic must either pass through Obanen and onward or through Saisio - both choices inevitably leading into low-sec space.

It has always been our intention to give ALL pilots of ALL security statuses a choice to lessen their flight plans (avoiding Jita and, for some, possibly longer and personally undesirable exposure to various systems' security levels) thus re-shaping this region with a new system destination for the widest selection and lowest costing items all in one non-Jita station. We don't want Saisio to turn into a trading ground traffic nightmare like Jita. We simply wish to give people an alternative.

Saisio is not without its inter-pilot/corporate issues and, though Bloodstone Industries remains neutral (with friends on both sides of the CONCORD security scale)... fly and mine safely while visiting Saisio. [clink-clink]

Though due to changes in gravitation, cometary dispersal, and new appearance of wormhole gravity wells, static ice "belts" no longer exist. Instead there are certain ssytems who are in an ice debris orbit spanning several systems. We have noted that these ice "fields" are usually found ever 4-6 hours after their depletion along these routes near Saisio: Using Saisio as your starting point, White Glaze ice fields may be found 2-3 jumps away in Otela via Nomaa to Poinen, or Hurtoken via Abagawa. A Bloodstone Industries' office exists in that system as a "mining way-point station" (Hurtoken VII, Moon 3) to assist in the minging, storage, and alliance/corporational connectivity between the Ore and Ice Miners of our Mining Divisions and Transport Divisions. Hurtoken's particular ice is (and should be) our priority for Ice Miners for our Caldari POS fuel needs.

If you're looking for Clear "Icicle" Ice fields, when last we checked a year ago, we believe the closest location, though lengthy, can be found via Nomaa to Geras to Tuuriainas to Sirseshin to Inaro to Kaaputenen to Niarja.

Kernite is a valuable ore (like Omber) is not steadily found in The Forge region - EXCEPT when using probes to find gravitational anamolies. However, Kernite, Omber and other asteroids can be found in 0.5 - 0.7 systems in Amarr sovereignty space, such as most of the Genesis region. However, the closest Kernite fields are in the Domain region, in the 0.5 - 0.7 systems. Follow the directional routes to Niarja, like searching for Clear Icicle Ice and explore Niarja, Bahromab, Saana, and Madirmilire. The Genesis region is highly saturated with Kernite fields, but takes roughly 20-30 minutes of jump gate travel (depending on ship speed) just to make station-camp in Bania. This information was last verified 2 years ago, however: Seasoned members also can use probes to find hidden belts which are seeded daily thoughout most systems (even Saisio), some containing low-sec/0.0 sec-only rocks!

In The Forge, the most asteroid belts lie in a low-sec system called Tasti, but hi-sec-speaking, nearest to Saisio you have a nice choice of Poinen via Nomaa, as well as Jakanerva (which also, though is the most vast system to traverse, ironicly has the most agents and stations in the entire Forge region.)

We recommend mission running with every (comfortably available) agent of the Peace And Order Unit, The Caldari Navy, Home Guard and Caldari Business Tribunal Corporations. Every 16th mission with the same agent level/division gives you a storyline mission which increases your (and our) standing with the Caldari State (a PRIORITY with Bloodstone Mission Runners). Of course, working with any corporation "in alliance with" the Caldari State is recommended - and is good practice for non M-Runner pilots. If you are worried about your Personal Security Level, you may wish to probe out and kill some rogue pirate and drone sites randomly dispersed in all systems in the vacuum of space (and even in some asteroid belts) - or fleet up with some of our more experienced runners for assistance. A closed door remains so if you do nothing to open it.

The original trading system in The Forge was the Perimeter system which was overrun by the domination of the Jita system last decade. Though Perimeter has recently made a competative comeback, please avoid the Jita system if at all possible for mission runs, unnecessary trading, and especially hauling for customers. NEVER do any free trading with anyone you do not personally know/trust, and leave all further trading/purchasing through legitimate private contracts to ensure proper transactions. ALWAYS READ CONTRACTS FULLY. Jita not only attracts a number of regular comets in its orbital gravity wells but also a multitude of paper-pushing "scam/con-artists" - especially in Jita Hell, aka "Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant" (4-4).

Any starter systems, like Ishisomo and Uitra, usually are best for typical skill purchasing as they are institutional systems where many pod-pilots begin their training lives. This includes any State War Academy or School of Knowledge "starter" stations. However, remember to check with higher ranking Bloodstone Industries members who have Level 2+ security clearance when in need of skills. We have a storage of skills for free to all corporation (and alliance members) who have shown initiative, honor, loyalty and integrity.

As a member, our HQ (Saisio VII - Moon 1) can be set as a "home station" in Saisio for your clone (should the need arise), even though the station lacks a medical facility. The nearest medical facilities are in Poinen (via Nomaa), Abagawa, and Jakanerva.

Many of you may know us from our Bloodstone Industries' promotional cargo-cans anchored throughout The Forge region and, aside from greatly appreciated and numerous compliments, some pilots have reported adverse medical/psychological reactions to our objects in space.
We at Bloodstone Industries take your concerns very seriously. Therefore, like the first person who didn't like the feeling of warp speed travel (or the first anti-grav coasters on Matigu), we feel it's our responsibility to remind all pilots with the following warning, issued directly from the CEO of Bloodstone Industries, Jared Tobin, after consulting the Jovian Medical-Advisory Ambassador near the Caldari-State Border Zone:

WARNING: Please do not fully read any advertisement cargo-cans from Bloodstone Industries if you have a history of depression, heart trouble, recurrent motion sickness, a lack of humor (or self-esteem), previous implant-brain damage, and/or other conditions including (but not limited to): low self-esteem, low skill-point fatigue, irregular gravity-plating systems, chronic boredom, missing a babblefish, fear of tattoos/janitors/militants/damsels in distress/space-travel, currently flying underage, failed recently in a relationship, or if you are (or think you - or your jump clone - may be) pregnant (regardless of your relationship status), as these conditions may interfere with your ability to laugh, smile, take a joke or appreciate dark humor in the vacuum of space. (And if you are pregnant, why the guai are you flying a faster-than-light ship in the first place?) These warnings are so noted in an effort to prevent any further medical, physical, or psychological damage (infomorphic or otherwise) from reading any current and future Bloodstone Industries' cargo-can advertisements. Dong ma?

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Bloodstone Industries is the executor (and founding corporation) of the B.S.I. alliance.

Some of these sites we have found personally helpful and/or informative:

EVE University Wiki

(Release of liability: these links are for your convenience to provide further information related to EVE and/or its various aspects. They do not signify that we, as an entity, endorse any of these websites, specificly. We hold no responsibility for any actions from your choice in proceeding to the linked website(s) and/or its(their) content, nor do they legally represent or bind Eve Online or CCP hf)

For more information on applying for membership, membership requirements, corporation policies, and member guides and assistance, visit our Member Information Center.

Any further questions, please send us a broadwave or send us an eve-mail when in flight.

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