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HQ InfoThe Bloodstone Brethren

"Turmoil prior to perfection."

Here at Bloodstone Industries (established 2008.12.7) we focus on mining, security, scientific research, development, manufacturing and economic independence... and we take pride in the longevity, dedication and quality of our hard work.
Bloodstone Industries was originally created for that which we felt New Eden lacked: A corporation who believes in the motto "Turmoil prior to perfection" (a fitting, Ancient Earth saying associated with the mineral, "heliotrope", mythologically said to first be found on Ancient Earth, and is known commonly throughout Eve on a multitude of habitable/minable worlds as "Bloodstone"). Our principles are based on hard work and loyal comradery... believing that what we persevere through now will benefit us all in the future to come.

As we are a "relaxed" corporation, reliant on self and group-oriented work ethics, we take great pride in our unique economic presence and determination which has been integral in maintaining our self-sustained market "hub" known as The Bloodstone Market, based only in one location in the entire Forge region: the Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities station.

For more information, please visit Our Market.

AUG 31.21: ANCIENT PANDEMIC: ONGOING We appear to continue experiering the continuing depths of this highly communicable virus. Our corporation has implemented vaccination protocols while the scientists continue updating CONCORD's immunology standards from system to system, station to station, planet to planet. It has mutated at least 3-5 times across all regions and sovereignties of New Eden. Following the Kyonoke Crisis of YC119, and the passage of the interstellar "Hope for All Act", CONCORD established Biosecurity Response Teams, and began to build up its capacity and expertise in the fields of epidemiology and disease management. To that end, CONCORD reached out to partners such as the University of Caille's Department of Epidemiology, Hedion University's School of Medicine, the Sisters of EVE, and the Society of Conscious Thought. The result is Project Discovery. We highly recommend participating in Project Discovery when docked at any station. All our collective help will go towards seeing an end of this ongoing galactic pandemic.

JAN 11.21: UPDATE: After celebrating our 12th year of our Bloodstone Market presence in our home system of Saisio, we continue our effort to supply and manufacture our basic stock as best we can under changing conditions of the pandemic, the economy and new changes in astronomical variants in mining and ice-harvesting reclassification standards. We apologize for any inconvenience this prolonged period of transitional changes to our new methods and time cycles of production may unintentionally cause. We currently are on a 3-5 day rotation of restocking and price adjustment. We have noticed our customer base demand has shifted our manufacturing choices to mainly continual ammunition stocks. Fly safe!

JAN 1.21: THE LIGHTS WERE ON, BUT... No one was docked in Bloodstone Industries' HQ. Why? Because the entire corporation took the night off and spent it SAFELY planetside ringing in the new year shouting: "Happy YC 123!" (or 23358 A.D.)

MAR 16.20: ANCIENT PANDEMIC It appears the galaxy is under siege by a "recurrence" of an ancient, highly contagious virus named "SARS CoV-2", named in the past after the old calendar system (hundreds of centuries ago) as "CoVid-19". This appears to be a very dangerous virus that almost wiped out the global population of the ancient homeworld of Earth. Considering our technology is comparatively "advanced", this virus has still proven to be relentless in its infection to our current clone technology advancements. Many infections and deaths have been occuring due to our clonal immune systems, spreading literally beyond light speed due to our galactic travel. This has unfortunately affected our staff, so thank you for understanding our potential for time delays. Many of our own members have been affected by the virus. Please stay safe when in public space stations.

JAN 1.17: BLOODSTONE LEAD STAFF UPDATE (AND PROMOTION): Klopps has been elevated in status and trust to become the current acting co-CEO of Bloodstone Industries in light of changes in Eve - as well as missing members were reported after to Caroline's Star migration. He still serves as Mining Foreman and Fuel Technician.

AUG 16.19 - AUG 23.19: BLOODSTONE INDUSTRIES' 10th ANNUAL FACTORY MAINTENANCE SHUTDOWN: Every year, we shutdown all our assembly labs and set the machinery offline during our annual Bloodstone Industries' "lab shutdown, cleaning, evaluation and upgrades" routine. Like each preceeding year, as we receive new lab tech upgrades, we re-oil the manufacturing gears, replace batches of nanite pastes... and wash out most of the hangars. With a few wet-ware commands, The Bloodstone Market labs will kick into action with a 110% efficiency increase in productivity by June, pushing a welcomed burst of products back onto our station shelves (in orbit around Saisio VII, Moon 1, of course). Several members will be monitoring the in-station upgrades, making sure they hold to our scrutinizing test standards until everyone slowly returns to their daily routines from vacations, seminars, and other personal/planetside vacations. Notably, several members have decided to form a small convoy deligation to attend seminars regarding the militaristic threat posed surrounding the galactic mysteries of the Drifters. Those members' time away from Bloodstone Industries may be longer than the remaining staff returning in 8 days to supervise the restart of the upgraded manufacturing and research labs. We look forward to the second half of our Bloodstone Market's sixth year! Again, we'll be back in full service, with a burst of freshly made stock to serve our numerous and loyal customers in roughly 7-8 universal days. Note to B.S.I. Alliance members: Holoreels of vacations - and other activities - will be streamed from our HQ to all BSI members' personal C-Quarters - except for that casino/pleasure planet of debauchery in the Outer Rim... if we learned anything from last year, what happens there, really should stay there... [smirk] ) We apologize for any inconvenience this period of non-productivity may unintentionally cause... check back Aug 30 for several million metric tons of new stock!

MAY 1.16: UPDATE: We have finally updated the entire Our Market datafiles. However, please continue to excuse our digital dust: We are in the process of some major and continual updates along our datastreams, and we apologize for a lapse in the past years. (It's been busy!) We are still sorting and aiming for a fully updated set of datastreams to include the most current names, dates, and status progression in our ongoing presence in New Eden over the coming year(s).

OCT 30.12: UPDATE: The historic hurricane on Achura (Saisio III) has begun to move westward - away from most (but not all) of the coastal cities and temples through the second day. Though not quite like last year's hurricane, it appears this storm's direction was pushed toward the planet's northern pole when it encountered the carbon dioxide desert lands - turning it into a mix of checmical rain and snow. Though communication relays were not terribly affected for the weather-stranded volunteers from Bloodstone Industries, this year's hurricane system had caused far worse damage. It had caused massive devastation to the city of Kroywen - one of the six largest cities established centuries ago to uniquely oversee the planet's meditationally-balanced and centralized economic system. Its banking technologies are blended within the walls of an ancient meditation temple founded by The Stargazers bloodline many centuries ago. The relief members, at the request of the Archura governments, will be dividing their time to assist in damage assessment and transportion of reconstruction materials - a process that may continue through the following week. This, of course, may naturally slow down manufacturing and restocking of The Bloodstone Market until next week. We, and the Archura people, appreciate your understanding.

OCT 28.12: UPDATE: Just one Achura year later, a few on-hand Bloodstone Industries members found themselves (once again) volunteering disaster relief to the rather cold planet known as Achura (Saisio III: homeworld to the Achuran civilization of the Caldari State) when word spread of an unusual hurricane hitting the main capitol region of coastal cities and temples. However, while bringing supplies and rations from Bloodstone Industries' HQ station to this massive storm event (announced across the entire Saision system's broadwaves last week for preparation), the entire team had to remain planetside and take shelter.
Due to a lack of any orbital moons, plus the unusual seasons over the past year, a storm 2,000 km across wrecked havoc along the planet's largest ocean which presented an historic hurricane of unusual behavior and intensity. Communication relays may be lost momentarily from those particular B.S.I. pilots still stranded... hoping to return with minor ship damage from his humanitarian act (a second year in a row) within a few days. Meanwhile, as the labs have been less manned during the storm's preparations, regular manufacturing is hoping to return to The Bloodstone Market before Nov 2.

MAR 12.12: UPDATE: As we approached our 4th year as a tax-free corporation, we decided to implement a corporate taxation of 10%. This decision came due to our continual growth and, consequently, to assist in balancing our material and monetary consumptions amongst members who are more mission-oriented and/or Incursion participants versus the Mining Division.

JAN 11.11: PHASE V INITIATED: "Phase V" was initiated on 2011.1.11 - coinciding in celebration of the third year of our Bloodstone Market and the expansion of our research outpost capabilities.

APR 13.10: PHASE IV INITIATED: "Phase IV" was initiated on 2010.4.13 - including upgraded datastreams of both Bloodstone Industries and our symbiotic research and development corporation, Aberdeen Research Facilities. This upgrade also initiated and unified connectivity with our own alliance datastream: B.S.I.

NOV 23.09: Bloodstone Industries and Aberdeen Research Facilities formed the B.S.I. alliance on 2009.11.23.

OCT 15.09: PHASE III INITIATED: "Phase III" was initiated on 2009.10.15 - upgrading our datastreams, policies, and tools to assess the progress of our market after 10 months.

JAN 11.09: PHASE II INITIATED: Bloodstone Industries moved forward and initiated an economic plan ("Phase II") for active production and a daringly movement to inject The Forge economy with a new system destination for a continually stocked and vastly expanding selection of the lowest priced items ranging from tools to various ships (Tech I & eventually Tech II).

AUG 5.08: PHASE I INITIATED: This datastream was originally launched. Send us over a broadwave and say hello.

Caldari founded, our multi-racial members are a family. An ecclectic spectrum of skilled pilots working together - and that work is what makes us whole. Our personal group philosophy integrates all our dedicated Divisions of members to provide trustworthy services to meet our needs as well as yours.

Bloodstone Industries is purportedly one of the largest player-sustained (and self-contained) markets maintained in The Forge region. With 200+ common T1 and T2 items, ships, and Capital construction components, we are a unique corporation, reliant on balancing individual and group-oriented work. Our determinitation and persistence is integral to maintaining our "Bloodstone Market". ALL our items are sold ONLY in one place in the 'verse:

The Bloodstone Market:
Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities

Us: Industrially focused. We welcome all determined ore and ice miners, skilled security, transport pilots, and industrial specialists - working with those who believe in communication, selfless participation and a goal in "the greater good". We encourage a symbiotic effort to help the growth of the individual - ultimately helping the group as a whole. Assistance for new members is priority: Our personal group philosophy integrates all dedicated Divisions providing trustworthy services to meet your needs, which lead to our growth needs as a whole.

Full members who assist corporate goals (Mining Divisions especially) are compensated with in a monthly "variable" payroll. Since Bloodstone Industries' formation, we believe in, not only "paying it forward" (karma), but sharing "the wealth" (benefits) when able. With multi-corporate communication (usually in the form of "drop notes"), full members who assist corporate goals (Mining Divisions especially) are compensated with in a monthly "variable" payroll according to our payroll guidelines outlined in the Member Information Center.

Bloodstone Industries is accepting applications, especially from "corporate-less" ore and ice miners who fit our membership prereq's and looking for a little less comm-silence in the depths of space. We also look for determined mission-runners, trustworthy trading experts, and skilled haulers (positive references upon request). Are we what you are looking for - and vice-versa? Do you have what it takes to become a member? Read up on our Bloodstone Policies and Application Guidelines by visiting our Member Information Center. Membership applications are accepted at our HQ and Bloodstone Market station location: Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilties in the Saisio system, as well as any of our offices (listed below in our HQ Information & Membership section below).

Yes, we fulfill private orders, too. We value customer confidentiality and loyalty. "Personal requests" are based on "fluctuant, current market prices" and labor. Longevity of our clientel relationships and continued customer base brings continued private "sale prices". For details, questions, and specific quotes, please send us a broadwave.

Our HQ location:
Region: The Forge
Constellation: Okomon
Solar System: Saisio
Station: Saisio VII, Moon 1 (Peace and Order Unit Testing Facities)
X: 680120758723.0
Y: -87625358157.7
Z: 357544046766.0
Our Headquarters are situated on the main "highway" through The Forge region. There are several specific reasons why we chose to settle first in Saisio (for specific details, visit our Data Center). Aside from our need for a well-equipped Science & Industry Research and Manufacturing Laboratory station, it is 1 of 2 central points for all intraregional flight traffic, allowing for various access options to the Lonetrek, The Citadel, and Sinq Laison regions within 7 stargate jumps or less, as well as many other unique areas of special interest.

For more information about our membership requirements and other specific hiring guidelines, visit our Member Information Center. If you do not meet our prerequisites, feel free to ask us how we can help you get towards those goals or join our Public Channel: BSI-PUBLIC to talk to members, friends and other membership-interested pilots alike.

Jared Tobin
CEO, Trade/Economist & Security Ops Chief

Jared Tobin, a man of many trades, formed Bloodstone Industries. He is the CEO, analyzing any security group operations as well as carrying his Security Chief training from Amtec Labs and applies it to everyone's safety whenever possible. Therefore he organizes and leads certain operations as the corporation's Security Ops Chief. As a man, he's relatively friendly, fair, and compassionate... to a point. His trading reputation in Old Jita (pre-YC 110) along with a myriad of other networked trading guilds and corporations is exemplary; however it is speculated by many whom took note of a change to his more current demeanor (and increase of tattoos) resulted from deep space convoy missions early in his career. Most notably, his heightened stance on security is assumed to be the result of an almost-disasterous convoy mission of nine ships from the Genesis region into what is now Black Rise during the territorial transition during the Empyrean Age. Err on the side of caution when trading war-stories, for he has changed since that event. As CEO, he takes responsibility for Bloodstone Industries' cohesion of well-being and internal affairs. This includes the actions of his fellow Bloodstone Brethren. Jared Tobin communicates closely with his Lead Staff, a group compromised of deservedly-trusted members whose input and key-title positions keep internal issues "in check" through closed-session discussions and voted management. In the 7th month of Bloodstone Industries' existence, his studies of New Eden's extremely fluctuant economy sparked the creation of The Bloodstone Market: the corporation's own self-sustained market in The Forge region - which he supervises constantly. Toward its continuing success, he works as an advanced manufacturing supervisor, security officer, and lead economist, thus simultaneously controlling the economic base from which the Bloodstone Market's persistent operations continue to thrive out of a single station in the known 'Verse. He's also founder of Bloodstone Industries' own alliance: B.S.I. which makes him insanely busy. If you have any concerns or problems about any Bloodstone member's actions, questions on work-orders or corporate/alliance membership (or NAPs), or simply wish to say hello, you can send him an eve-mail directly or bounce him a broadwave when away from his ship.

Co-CEO, Mining Foreman & Fuel Technician

At the end of YC111, one day, Klopps ran into one of our Bloodstone Market's notorious "slogan containers"... Literally. Apparently, his proximity alert sensors were scheduled for repair upon reaching his destination. However, with a cargohold full of ore, Klopps' mining vessel collided with one of our anchored containers while entering the Saisio system, and this, of course, lead to a highly unimportant "clunk" against his ship's bow. Consequently, with his shields off at that exact moment, the harmonics of his mining vessel's interior augmented this "clunk" louder than it initially sounded - which made him (in this order) fear the worst, shout out some choice expletives, and docked at the nearest station. The irony in this anecdote is that the nearest station Klopps docked with was, serendipitously, Bloodstone Industries' station Headquarters. Immediately after docking, Klopps filed a repair inspection (which later turned out to be a highly unnecessary) and took a break in the station's nearest bar (as most miners do after a long day of mining in "the black"). This is not where Klopps' story ends, though. As most invested miners do in station bars, he decided to share his story of "running into that damn can in space" to the stranger sitting nearest to him. That stranger was, coincidentally, Jared Tobin, and, after listening to the corpless miner's bad luck stories, Jared told the bartender, "Hey, put all of this guy's drinks on Bloodstone Industries' tab." Klopps heard him say the name, and it all came back to him at once (like an anchored can hitting a ship at 100 M/s) as he uttered: "So you're a member of the corp whose can ran into my ship?" Downing his Zydrine Whiskey, he replied, "Well, yeah. I own the corp... and the can. You have my apologies, so I got your drinks." Jared shook his hand and almost nonchalantly headed out, but, just in those few moments of coincidence, he stopped, turned around, and added, "I also have a job for you if you're interested." From that moment on, they became good friends, and, within just a year, Klopps became one of the top 3 contributing miners for Bloodstone Industries... and a good security expert, too! In YC114, with the Bloodstone Lead Staff in need of a new member, Klopps was unanimously voted in as the logical choice - and was promoted to Mining Foreman ...And to think, it all began with a "clunk".
You can contact him directly via eve-mail.


Mell Anders
Industry Specialist & Mining Director

Mell Anders joined Bloodstone Industries not fully knowing where he would best be suited at first. He had been friends with Jared Tobin in passing, the occasional mining field, the same station cargo-loading deck and even ran into each other at a local station bar somewhere in The Citadel region sharing tattoo and war stories. They exchanged occasional broadwaves for months until one day, Mell showed up at Saisio's Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities station, ran into Jared (setting up the HQ office at the time) and asked what all the cargo crates were for. After a week, he joined the Bloodstone Industries family and has fallen into a specially diversified (and high security clearance) role of Industry Specialist & Mining Director. Mell Anders exudes all the respectible qualities of a typically tough, invested miner just trying to make a living in the 'Verse, yet, like all who are a part of Bloodstone Industries: when in need, he's there to help do his part for the group when possible. He knows his ships inside and out, manages to smoke only the best cigars in Caldari space, and when it comes to his title, not only was he first to receive his Industrial Mining Platform License, but also works (when possible) in our labs in tandum with Jared Tobin and Nero Renner. His analytical and strategic skills that naturally came from numerous mission-runs and mining expeditions work well - especially when he became one of the founding Bloodstone Lead Staff members. With many responsibilities scattered throughout several regions, sometimes he on personal deep space expeditions. This led to his promotion in YC111 as Mining Director which has allowed him to retain his loyal longevity among the original ranking members of the Mining Division, also allowing a more active replacement for a Mining Foreman. He also keeps his fighting skills in shape sparring in the corporate locker room (and friendly, sometimes slightly bloody, bar fights with Jared Tobin) as well as Mission Running for Caldari State. He is still on "haitus", attending much needed surgical and genetic resampling of his clone due to a rare condition not seen in over 8,000 years. Last reported, unexpectedly, Mell became the center of genetic interest to a Jovian Medical Representative, working with him and the Sisters Of Eve medical staff, to assumably find connections of his unique genetic anamolies to possibly getting closer to a cure for the Jovian Disease while resequencing Mell's genetic base pairs. Due to this absence, please contact our current co-CEO: Klopps. If you have any other mining concerns or questions, please refer all questions to our current lead staff: Klopps or Jared Tobin for all other concerns.
(Please note, since the disruption of all Jovian stargates, we have lost contact with the medical station he was last reporting from.)

Mining/Harvesting Specialist & Fuel Technician

Said to be a proper descendent from the lineage of people who kept the Ancient Earth word "packdrill" alive over the millennia, Malc2 joined the Lead Staff after the departure of Braveguy on the first day of YC 113. His capsuleer experience and knowledge from his distant (and numerous) travels across the 'verse have expanded his patience, his reserved (yet distinguished) nature and his sound knowledge and logic over the years. Meeting Malc2 was hinged on one coincidental day in passing at an Ation system station, when Jared had heard station-spread word that a fine "pre-collapse" beverage connoisseur had docked with some fine, rare drinkable cargo for sale. After some discussion and trade (and an offer to join the corporation at his leisure), Malc2 soon followed up at Bloodstone's HQ office in Saisio and joined the crew. An expert of many ships and ice harvesting, he soon took on the personal refinement of his knowledge in the fuel-acquisition and distribution realm for starbases and accepted a promotion (almost 2 years after his enlistment) helping facilitate the changeover to "Phase V" of Bloodstone Industries. It should also be noted that Malc2 rarely undocks in any ship without a proper glass (and bottle) of Ancient Earth's "Jameson Irish Whiskey" ...preferably the 12 Year Malt variety. Malc is currently on personal leave, so please refer all questions to our current lead staff CEOs: Klopps or Jared Tobin for all other concerns.

Mining/Industry Division Members:

Hempius   (Specialist: Mining Division - Joined 2020.01.04)
Bluntaro   (Specialist: Mining Division - Joined 2020.01.06)
*Jared Tobin
*Nero Renner
Araknad   (Specialist: Mining Division - Joined 2009.2.25)
The Miners Heart   The Aegis of Palladia
Commander Couch   (Specialist Mining Division - Joined 2009.12.14 )
The Aegis of Palladia

Transport Division Members:

*Jared Tobin

Planetary/Scientific Specialist Members:

Nero Renner   (Planetary & Scientific Specialist - Joined 2011.10.09)
Marcus Rinzler   (Planetary & Scientific Specialist - Joined 2015.5.21)
Derek Kaden   (Planetary & Scientific Specialist - Joined 2015.11.20)

Mining/Security Division Members:

RockEEE   (Security: Bloodstone Mission Runner - Joined 2012.3.01)
*Jared Tobin
*Nero Renner

Bloodstone Mission Runners:

HapEEE   (Security: Bloodstone Mission Runner - Joined 2012.3.03)
ZeikHunter   (Security: Bloodstone Mission Runner - Joined 2010.9.05)
The Aegis of Palladia
Laynix   (Specialist: Mining Division & Mission Ops - Joined 2009.4.26)
The Aegis of Palladia   The Miners Heart   The Open Heart
Capital Industrial Mining Platform License

*Nero Renner
*Jared Tobin
*Marcus Rinzler

Planetside Infantry:

Braveguy balcore   (DUST Infantry - Joined 2013.8.28)

No freshcuts at this time.

Feel free to file an application at one of our offices, and please remember to send us a personal email to Jared Tobin, otherwise your application will be lost for months in paperwork...

Why not apply? Ask us and explore our policies and prerequisites in our Member Information Center.

WelcomeLatest NewsWhat We Do
HQ InfoThe Bloodstone Brethren

We have taken the time to create a Data Center for all extra information, ranging from corporate policies to stellar cartographic areas of special interest. It will update itself as more information is delivered and compiled from our incoming data nodes.

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