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The Bloodstone Market was initiated 2009.1.11
designated "Phase II" of Bloodstone Industries' Economic Plan.
We felt an injection of "economic common sense" was needed in
The Forge region's market - built from dedication and hard work.

Our approach is simple: Provide all pilots a cost-effective "Jita-shopping alternative" whenever possible. Currently we restock every 72-120 hours, specializing in wide variety of ammunition, weapons, tools, and ships (hey - we don't take sides; we take purchase orders) - all sold in only one station in the entire Forge region for more than a decade:

Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities

Bloodstone Industries, with our increasing productivity from Aberdeen Research Facilities, has purportedly continued to remain one of the largest organized, player-sustained markets in The Forge region. We are industrially symbiotic corporations, reliant upon a group-oriented work ethic. We take pride in our determination integral to maintaining (and restocking) our products at our main Saisio market "hub": The Bloodstone Market located in the Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities.

JAN 11.19: UPDATE: After celebrating the 10th year of our Bloodstone Market presence in our home system of Saisio, we continue to supply and manufacture our basic stock as best we can under changing conditions of the economy and changes in astronomical variants in mining and ice-harvesting locations. We apologize for any inconvenience this prolonged period of transitional changes to our new methods and time cycles of production may unintentionally cause. We currently are on a 3-5 day rotation of restocking and price adjustment. Check back with us regularly!

MAY 1.15: UPDATE: We have finally upgraded this page to reflect the newly renamed varieties of missiles and other item name changes, integrating them into our product list (see below). We have also updated our researcher Adjutant information.

JAN 11.14: UPDATE:Amon Rakis has taken over as Research Facilities Adjutant working in the expanded research labs of Aberdeen Research Facilities. He has taken over in the absence of Abner G (Viceroy and Black Ops Research Director). With the upgrade to "Phase V" of Bloodstone Industries' business model, and restructuring of staff, Amon Rakis continues to keep the momentum in scientific endeavors between Aberdeen Research and Bloodstone Industries.

We are available for private manufacturing hire. Send us an evemail or bounce over a broadwave with any questions. Enjoy and please remember: each item in our Bloodstone Market is marked with the ever-growingly copied ".44" (or ".40" when over 100 ISK) price tag. And though "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," our manufactured items (listed below) are sold IN ONLY ONE STATION in the entire 'Verse:

Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities

This section is updated when necessary. The list below informs you of all our current items we keep in rotating stock regularly. For a complete list of ships we are able to make or are in the process of working on, visit our co-corporation's Shipyard (at Aberdeen Research Facilities). If you see something you need (or if you don't see it), contact us with a request. We do have specialized private clients - and privacy is one of our highest standards.


  • Various Armor Plates & Hardeners I
  • Medium Armor Repairer I

  • EMP Smartbomb I: S/M/L
  • Graviton Smartbomb I: S/M
  • Plasma Smartbomb I: L

  • Cap Booster 400/800
  • Micro Auxiliary Power Core I
  • Shield Power Relay I
  • Small Capacitor Booster I

  • Capital Armor Plates
  • Capital Cargo Bay
  • Capital Construction Parts
  • Capital Remote Shield Booster I
  • Capital Shield Booster I
  • Capital Shield Transporter I
  • Citadel Cruise Missiles:
        Inferno, Mjolnir, Nova, Scourge

  • Expanded Cargohold I
  • R.A.M. Ammunition Tech
  • R.A.M. Armor/Hull Tech
  • R.A.M. Electronics
  • R.A.M. Energy Tech
  • R.A.M. Robotics
  • R.A.M. Shield Tech
  • R.A.M. Starship Tech
  • R.A.M. Weapon Tech
  • Relic Analyzer I
  • Salvager I
  • Small Tractor Beam I
  • Station Warehouse Container

  • Small Secure Container
  • Mobile Depot
  • Mobile Tractor Unit

  • Acolyte I, EV-300, TD-300
  • Berserker I, SW-900, TD-900
  • Hammerhead I, SD-600
  • Hobgoblin I, SD-300
  • Hornet I, EC-300
  • Infiltrator I, EV-600, TD-600
  • Ogre I, SD-900
  • Praetor I, EV-900, TD-900
  • Valkyrie I, TP-600
  • Vespa I, EC-600
  • Warrior I, TP-300
  • Wasp I, EC-900

  • ECM Multispectral Jammer I
  • ECM Phase Inverter I
  • Medium Energy Neutralizer I
  • Mining Foreman Link - Mining Laser Field Enhancer
  • Signal Distortion Amplifier I
  • Stasis Webifier I

  • Antimatter: M/L/XL
  • Iridium: M/L
  • Iron: M/L
  • Lead: M/L
  • Plutonium: M/L
  • Thorium: M/L
  • Tungsten: M/L
  • Uranium: M/L
  • 250mm Railgun I
  • Bomb Launcher I
  • Citadel Cruise Launcher I
  • Citadel Torpedo Launcher I
  • Cruise Missile Launcher I
  • Heavy Assault Missile Launcher I
  • Heavy Missile Launcher I
  • Light Missile Launcher I
  • Rapid Light Missile Launcher I
  • Rocket Launcher I

  • Ice Harvester I
  • Ice Harvester Upgrade I
  • Miner I
  • Mining Crystal I's:
  • Mining Drone I
  • Mining Laser Upgrade I
  • Strip Miner I

  • Defender I: Heavy/Light
  • Auto-Targeting: Cruise/Heavy/Light:
        Inferno, Mjolnir, Nova, Scourge
  • Cruise, Heavy, Heavy Assault, Light:
        Inferno, Mjolnir, Nova, Scourge

  • Carbonized Lead: M/L
  • Depleted Uranium: M/L
  • EMP: M/L
  • Fusion: M/L
  • Nuclear: M/L
  • Phased Plasma: M/L
  • Proton: M/L
  • Titanium Sabot: M/L

  • Damage Control I
  • Large Hull Repairer I
  • Medium Armor Repairer I
  • Nanite Repair Paste
  • Small Hull Repairer I

  • Combat Scanner Probe I
  • Core Scanner Probe I
  • Core Probe Launcher I
  • Deep Space Scanner Probe I
  • Expanded Probe Launcher I
  • Ship Scanner I
  • Survey Scanner I

  • EM Ward Field I
  • Shield Booster I: S
  • Shield Extender I: S/M/L
  • Shield Recharger I
  • Thermic Dissipation Field I

  • Rockets: Inferno, Mjolnir, Nova, Scourge
  • Torpedoes: Inferno, Mjolnir, Nova, Scourge

  • Sensor Booster I
  • Tracking Computer I

  • RIGS (Built upon request)

  • Ancillary Current Router I: S
  • Algid Hybrid Administrations Unit I: L
  • Anti-EM Pump I: S/L
  • Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I: L
  • Anti-Explosive Pump I: L
  • Anti-Kinetic Pump I: L
  • Anti-Thermal Pump I: L
  • Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I: L
  • Auxiliary Nano Pump I: L
  • Auxiliary Thrusters I: M
  • Bay Loading Accelerator I: L
  • Capacitor Control Circuit I: M/L
  • Cargohold Optimization I: M/L
  • Core Defense Charge Exonomizer I: L
  • Core Defense Field Purger I: S/L
  • Drone Mining Augmentor I: L
  • Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I: S
  • Hydraulic Bay Thrusters I: L
  • Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I: M
  • Nanobot Accelerator I: L
  • Projectile Ambit Extension I: L
  • Projectile Burst Aerator I: L
  • Projectile Collision Accelerator I: L
  • Remore Repair Augmentor I: L
  • Rocket Fuel Cache Partition I: L
  • Salvage Tackle I: L
  • Semiconductor Memory Cell I: S
  • Trimark Armor Pump I: L
  • Warhead Calefaction Catalyst I: L
  • Warhead Flare Catalyst I: L

  • TECH II (Previous/Current client orders)
    Just some examples of successful T2 BPs:

    Hammerhead II (Combat Drone)
    Hornet II (Combat Drone)
    Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II (Deep Core Strip Miner)
    Modulated Strip Miner II (Strip Miner)
    Void M (Advanced Blaster Hybrid Charge)
    Scourge Fury Cruise Missiles (Advanced Cruise Missile)
    Scourge Fury Light Missiles (Advanced Light Missile)
    Scourge Precision Light Missiles (Advanced Light Missile)

    As always, thank you for shopping with The Bloodstone Market...

    News From The LabsCurrent Bloodstone Market

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