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  • Bloodstone Industries currently has a 10% corporate tax. It is also the founding executor corporation of the B.S.I. alliance.
  • We are NOT a Factional Warfare Corporation, nor will we ever be one. If that is your thing, we're probably not the right corporation for you.
  • We are a family (self-referred to as the Bloodstone Brethren), and, to be honest, if that's not your cup of tea or pint of beer, you probably will find your membership short-lived. We encourage a symbiotic respect and path of helping the growth of, not only the individual, but ultimately the Bloodstone Brethren as a whole (this extends to encompass our extended staff at Aberdeen Research Facilities and with intent to include our alliance members as well). Assistance for new members is a priority with Bloodstone Industries. In fact, it shouldn't have to be said, but we try not to assume that Freshcuts have highly trained focalized skills like our more experienced members: If ever any one of our members is in need of skill training (or immediate combative) guidance then we ask our current members to offer their knowledge and/or immediate capable assistance, if possible, to any member in need.
  • We are, by nature, a non-aggressive, industrial-based corporation, however we are diversely trained, and will take any secure measures, to protect and defend ourselves, our mates, our property and our stations if/when necessary.
  • Bloodstone Industries is purportedly one of the largest player-sustained, single-station markets maintained in The Forge region. With 200+ common T1 and T2 items, ships, and Capital construction components, we are a unique corporation, reliant on balancing individual and group-oriented work. Our determinitation and persistence is integral to maintaining our "Bloodstone Market" located in the Saisio system. We ask that all members who independently explore personal manufacturing, economic and selling avenues to not place any sell orders OF BLOODSTONE MARKET-STOCKED/REGULARLY MANUFACTURED ITEMS in the only location of The Bloodstone Market: Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facilities station, nor replicate Bloodstone Industries' economic selling strategies and trademarks (price competing amounts), as these actions naturally conflict with the entire Bloodstone Marketing goals - and are grounds for dismissal. (It simply takes away opportunities and mutual, future benefits for everyone, not only in Bloodstone Industries, but also every member in the B.S.I. alliance.)
  • As of 2011.1.01, all members should maintain (and/or improve above) a 2.00 Caldari State faction standing. Please work on continuing to improve this as our hiring ratio increases.
  • If you choose to help in our Bloodstone Market, such as mining, salvage, or transportation contributions, please understand that the incentive is for the good and growth of us all. However, you will receive a "variable" (non-fixed rate) monthly paycheck based on our end-of-month margin-profit totals. Please relay how you contributed by leaving a "drop note": a corp mail letting everyone know the amount of materials, transport, mining help, etc to assist in proper compensation.
  • Breaking ANY confidentiality of our purchasing customers, clients, and/or our own corporation's internal affairs is grounds for immediate expulsion. This also includes any former members not in current involvement with Bloodstone Industries.
  • When a member submits a farewell/letter-with-intent-of resignation, or states an intention of looking for another corporation to join (a statement of intent), they have 24-48 hours to leave the corporation. More than 48 hours may cause an interruption in the internal daily functions and communications within the corporation. After 48+ hours of a self-tendered formal letter with intent of resignation, or common knowledge of intent to leave amongst any members, said person will be forced to resign by the CEO (under the "expulsion option") for the security and continuity of our daily infrastructure.
  • Jared Tobin is the CEO and retains/accepts the highest responsibility for Bloodstone Industries' internal well-being as a whole, including the liabilities involved with the actions and conduct of his fellow Brethren, as well as fellow B.S.I. alliance members. As Bloodstone Industries members, don't make him eject you out of an airlock for inappropriate behavior such as: illegal or immature actions that would cause Bloodstone Industries to be "War-Dec'd": don't go mouthing off inappropriately to people while assuming roles you have neither earned, nor learned, and respect other people's space (literally and figuratively). During times of peace, ABSOLUTELY NO (purposeful) POD-KILLING (in hi-sec). If engaged in war, pod-killing is your prerogative, but remember: in high security systems, your security status may go down, including the factional standing of the hi-sec sovereignty where you pod-killed someone. If you affect the composite of any factional sovereignty standing that impacts Bloodstone Industries' members as a whole, the Lead Staff will conduct a meeting to discuss if unsanctioned/unreasonable or "severely" detrimental actions were warranted or avoidable - to the corporation as a whole.
  • ORDER 11: You are responsible for your own conduct.
    Internally: NO member should ever be directly (via public-corp/alliance channels) explicitly discriminated, disrespected or un-jokingly demeaned by any other member (this includes everyone). Blatant and extreme disrespect toward any member is grounds for immediate expulsion.
    Out in space: You are responsible for your own conduct when alone in non-pre-negotiated low/zero-sec space (or anywhere, for that matter) if unsanctioned by the corporation or alliance. We all understand that you take a risk when travelling alone in low/zero-sec space without full knowledge of our sovereign pacts (et cetera), and we understand the instinct to protect yourself. The reality, however, is, unless it's contracted, planned, fleeted and/or escorted contractually by the system's "currently claimed sovereignty(ies)" holder(s)... you're on your own. We obviously encourage self-defense, but any acts of violence with personal or wreckless/unsanctioned intent is ground for the relevancy of the previous bulleted guideline above.
  • SHOW A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS: Kill NPC pirates ("Rats") if you see a fellow miner being attacked and quite possibly outgunned. If in doubt whether your help is welcome, you can always send a broadwave over the local system channel (or open a private wave chat with the pilot seemingly under attack) for emergency rescue/assistance inquiries. It doesn't hurt to be kind to any fellow pilots and miners alike. That's what makes Bloodstone Industries unique. (And never take anyone else's loot [unless marked blue/abandoned], you are only allowed to salvage wrecks legally - deemed by CONCORD law.)
  • On the note of CONCORD, if and when a member falls under 0.0 security status, this person's standings and actions will affect everything from our bills, broker/tax fees, discounts and waste in NPC refineries, non-POS lab fees/durations, corporation/alliance standings, and NPC agents, including station docking permissions... for everyone in Bloodstone Industries. (Get the holo-picture?) In such cases, the Bloodstone Lead Staff will be called to order.

All members of Bloodstone Industries have designated security levels, which allow certain privileges and rights of access inside BSI-occupied corporate hangars, laboratories, stations, and other various in-space secure containers, etc. The following information is mainly for current members, but is provided for all potential new members and clients to understand our priority in organization. Please remember that all "containers" inside any hangar is "audit-logged" which means there is a continuously recorded record of all of whom and what goes in and out of any container - for security purposes and ridding of assumptive guessing/finger pointing.
  • The levels of security status is numerical:
    4=CEO only
    3=Trusted High Ranking Members/Scientists ("those who really know their stuff")
    2=Trusted Members ("those who made the grade" - unique hangar access varies from person to person)
    1= Bloodstone Freshcuts (Trust and integrity are earned, not assumed.)
ANY occupied office has Corporate Hangar, and they break down as follows:
  • VAULT: CEO (Level 4) only. Period.
  • ADVANCED LAB: Level 3+ access Scientists and Tech II/Tech III Researchers/Inventors. All Scientists may deposit researched BPs and materials for Tech II Research and Development with prior notification (to avoid confusion). The Industrial Ops Scientists' and CEO's discretion decide whether finished Tech II BPCs will be either manufactured here or moved to the Production Bay.
  • RESEARCH LAB: All corporate Blueprints and Blueprint Copies that are in a current state of Material and Productivity Research are stored/researched here. They are separated in secure containers from the untouched (non-researched) prints - awaiting furhter assignment. When in doubt, consult Braveguy for any Tech II copy/research needs. Contact Jared Tobin for any questions regarding any questions on the whereabouts of missing BPs (or contact BOTH to inform them when checking out approved BP originals for external research shipments). This is a trusted Level 3 Industrial Ops Scientist (and Lead Staff view) access area only.
  • PRODUCTION BAY: This is where our Bloodstone Industries Market occurs and wheere our corporate ships are docked, for licensed pilots.. Level 2+ Lead Staff will place Refined minerals ONLY here (from Astrogeology). All market-oriented BPs are stored in either "IN-STOCK" or "OUT-OF-STOCK" audit containers, as well as all tools, salvaged parts and even finished goods awaiting "market (re)stocking" will remain in this hangar only. When you are ready to manufacture a print, remove it from its container, place it in the hangar (with its necessary materials), and make sure to have your Corporate Wallet set to "Market Wallet" to initiate the manufacturing process. When finished, place the freshly used BPs back into the appropriate containers. Any questions, contact Jared Tobin. (Please note some private client jobs will be in this hangar, as well as Corporately Owned/Insured ships, in their own secure part of this bay.)
  • ASTROGEOLOGY: Level 2 (and higher) Mining & Industrial Specialists will use this area as THE place to dump all RAW ORE ONLY as well as any salvaged goods. All Mining and Salvaging gear and Astrometric Probe/Survey scanning gear will be located here, in their specified containers. Level 3's will refine the raw ore and relocate its minerals to the Production Bay as needed. Special notes: If you deposit an amount of minerals or ore, please communicate what you did to others via a corporate mail. Any mining crystals fully damaged (or missing and in need of re-supply), please contact any of the Lead Staff. Lastly, the definition of salvaged goods is that which you obtain using a salvager device ON a wreck in space, including any Data Sheets (not ship logs) and any "commodities" such as Enriched Uranium, Metal Scraps, Construction Blocks, Lead, et cetera - and all such items may be "dropped" freely inside the "SALVAGE DROP" container.
  • SECURITY: This is Bloodstone's Armory, highly organized by ship modification fittings for MOST Level 2 and higher trusted members/expert Couriers, Haulers, Mission Runners, Covert-Operative Pilots and High & Low-Sec Trade Negotiators, Diplomats and Miners to "lock and load" for ALL our protection (and our clients' when applicable). If you're going to work with us, we want you to be safe and do each job/mission safely. Please return unneeded items to the hangar when finished and/or feel free to swap out/add to our Armory, as it if for the betterment of us all. Skill Training books are stored here as well - their uses negotiable upon loyalty, reward, and/or trade.
  • OPEN LOCKER: When you come in to any Bloodstone Industries' occupied NPC station, it's our "locker room". Items are for all in need to use/borrow. If you need it, use it. Fist fights allowed - just clean up your own blood, and shake hands before undocking and doin' your thang...
Our financial divisions (wallets) are rather simple:
  • MASTER WALLET: It pays our monthly bills, broker and tax fees, some lab fees, payroll, and manages internal member award/reward production and bestowment costs, and is now the holding are for our net profits from our "Phase II" Bloodstone Industries Market. Security clearance is Level 4, with some exceptions to certain Level 3 Industrial Scientists in high trust.
  • MARKET WALLET: This is the current week's main logging-and-reporting "capture" ground for all gross sales from our "Phase II" Market - where, during paydays (Sundays, usually), the previous week's market gain is moved to the Master Wallet. This gives us a better idea for our Economic Response and helps dictate to the Science and Industry teams what to focus on throughout the week. IF YOU MANUFACTURE, make sure you have THIS WALLET SELECTED AS YOUR CORP WALLET to handle lab fees and place your orders into corporate accessibility when the jobs are done. Level 3+ members (CFOs) have the ability to VIEW THE TRANSACTION LOGS of the Market Wallet as well to see the selling demographic and show whether we are up or down on sales. IMPORTANT: By viewing any transaction logs, you fully agree to complete public anonimity and confidentiality of our purchasing clients' identities/affiliations. Remember, we do not take sides, we take purchase orders. Pilots put their ISK into our trust in exchange for our hand-made products. Betrayal of confidence is an embarassment, not only to Bloodstone's reputation, but most shamefully an embarassment of your mere existence.
  • SECURITY/RESEARCH WALLET: For security needs and material pay-outs, if needed. Due to varying researcher security levels, this wallet is also set up to handle research lab fees when using both POS and non-POS labs for manufacturing, etc. SOME high ranking Level 2 and Levels 3 & 4 only.
  • EMERGENCY WALLET: For emergencies. We're not quite sure if or when we'll use it, but you never know since emergencies, inherently, are usually a surprise. Level 2 through 4 access only.
  • ASTROGEOLOGY WALLET: For Astrogeological needs and pay-outs, if any. Level 2 through 4 access only
  • DONATION WALLET: If you can't contribute via mission running, hired service contract fulfilment, or you simply haven't been able to mine like you used to, an ISK donation is always welcomed AND NOTED. It goes to the Corp and all members have access to this, even Bloodstone Freshcuts.
  • BLACKHOLE WALLET: For Private Client Work Orders, cutting checks or, when we need a clean, flat table to do financial juggling work on, this is the place. Security clearance is Level 4 until further notice.


Since Bloodstone Industries' formation, we believe in, not only "paying it forward" (karma) and working towards the "greater good" for us all. With corporate communication (usually in the form of "drop notes"), we believe any full members' who contribute to the work of the corporation, currently are entitled to "variable" (non-fixed rate) monthly paycheck based on our end-of-month margin-profit totals. Bloodstone Industries payroll guidelines become"variable" based on the following order:
  • Ice Miners have a higher grade pay, considering the amount of time it takes for such long harvesting time and heavy transport involved. (100 units = 1 mark.)
  • Ore Miners who also sit out there and mine for the corp (and sometimes also partially for themselves at the same time), without any immediate pay are therefore usually primary in pay per amount they "drop" for the corporation per pay period (sans Ice Miners, if any ice mining is done during the same pay period). [1mil hi-sec ore OR 3mil refined mineral units = 1 mark. Variation in ore type and rarity is taken into account as well. Bonus points go to all organized Orca-based mining fleets initiatives (that have intelligent impact - i.e, 1 Orca and 1 Hulk is less efficient than 2 Hulks) since working-together is a common thread-goal with us.]
  • The Transport Division gets paid on a fluctuant scale for, not only "normal" transport/hauling requests, but for quick retrieval (emergency or otherwise) to keep the flow of market rotation when manufacturing material needs are involved. (When minerals/materials are transported, that is when the Transport Division is paid more than the Mining Division in any given pay period.) (Amounts, urgency, locations, etc are an unmeasurable factor, therefore each job is compensated uniquely per situation.)
  • Lastly, Mission Runners make little "extra" pay compared to the rest of the Bloodstone Industries Divisions since their missions (if heavily mission-intensive) will typically pay more than the average weekly pay (currently). The exception is for any noted "salvage drops" and/or significant improvements to Bloodstone Industries' corporate factional standings, such as the Caldari State which contributes to the overall betterment for the corp.
  • Economists, Diplomatic Relations Traders and the Scientific/Manufacturing Divisions make an understood and economic decision to work for "the greater good" and - until policies/profit-margin demographics change - there is an averaged salary given per monthly market closing. We call it "doing the Books" and usually involves strictly The Lead Staff itself... namely: Jared Tobin spending a large portion of time working as the Economist AND Accountant for about 4-7 hours a month reviewing and reintegrating the Bloodstone Market and focused during those hours (or that day) for the betterment of his fellow Brethren.
Please note: Bloodstone Freshcuts are not "full members" as their title is equivalent to a "trial period", therefore they do not get paid until promoted to full membership. That is because time spent as a Freshcut is mutually beneficial: Not only does this time period allow the Bloodstone members to watch (and absorb) all Freshcuts' behaviors and to see how their personal determination works with others, but also allows time for the newly joined Freshcut to adjust to "the way things work (and evolve)", thus helping them get a feel for the group, the mentalities, personalities, humor (or lack of at times) and ultimately providing them with an opportunity to decide whether Bloodstone Industries is right for them or not.


The Heart Of Gold

Bloodstone Industries' heart-shaped awards represent voluntary selflessness above and beyond the call of duty. The Heart Of Gold is the highest commendation specifically awarded to any member of Bloodstone Industries who makes the ultimate sacrifice: Coming to the aid and protection of any friend, ally, or a member of the Bloodstone Brethren (or its entirety) with their own life. Placing the safety of another above one's own is the ultimate testiment to their unquestionable loyalty and selflessness without hesitation. Such a sacrifice takes strength, honor, courage and integrity. To these pilots, the Bloodstone Brethren salute you.

The Open Heart

Mell Anders 2009.01.13
Braveguy 2008.11.27
Abner G 2008.11.27
Malc2 2009.05.20
Furinic 2009.08.28
Laynix 2010.05.06
Canucks 2010.05.06

Bloodstone Industries' heart-shaped medals and ribbons represent selfless volunteering above and beyond the call of duty. The Open Heart is the second highest voluntary award specifically earned by any member of the Bloodstone Brethren who, not only voluntarily donate time, materials and assistance for the good of Bloodstone Industries, but also for their unquestionable loyalty and selflessness whenever another member or the entire Bloodstone Brethren is in need of assistance.

The Cold Heart

Mell Anders 2009.05.20
Malc2 2009.05.20
Furinic 2009.08.28

Bloodstone Industries' heart-shaped awards represent voluntary, selfless acts above and beyond the call of duty. The Cold Heart is specifically awarded to any of the Bloodstone Brethren who, not only selflessly mines and harvests ice for Bloodstone Industries and its science projects, but also for their voluntary assistance of ice refinement and transport when needed. Don't mistake the name: Members awarded with The Cold Heart brave long hours and utilize excellent mining and refinement skills, and their donation bring great manufacturing advancements and prosperity to Bloodstone Industries' Market - ultimately benefiting every member of the Brethren.

The Miner's Heart

Braveguy 2008.11.27
Abner G 2008.11.27
Mell Anders 2008.11.27
Llyr Vercingtorix 2009.05.20
Malc2 2009.05.20
Araknad 2009.05.20
Laynix 2009.08.28
Canucks 2009.08.28
RankNine 2009.08.28
Furinic 2009.08.28
Amathena 2009.08.28
Chorvis 2009.08.28
Daneom 2009.08.28
Daneo Mistry 2009.08.28

Bloodstone Industries' heart-shaped medals and ribbons represent selfless volunteering above and beyond the call of duty. The Miner's Heart specifically is awarded to any of the Bloodstone Brethren who, not only selflessly mine for Bloodstone Industries and its projects, but also for their voluntary assistance of mineral and ore transport when in need.

The Aegis of Palladia

Araknad 2011.01.08
Auchir Prime 2011.01.08
Bluntaro 2011.01.08
Canucks 2011.01.08
Commander Couch 2011.01.08
Daneo Mistry 2011.01.08
Farl Sarties 2011.01.08
Hempius 2011.01.08
Jared Tobin 2011.01.08
Klopps 2011.01.08
Laynix 2011.01.08
Malc2 2011.01.08
Mell Anders 2011.01.08
Osmond Lapis 2011.01.08
Ravelant 2011.01.08
Segundos Prime 2011.01.08
Thrustless 2011.01.08
ZeikHunter 2011.01.08

This medal was commissioned at the start of YC 113, carrying the name from "pre-collapse" settlers' ancient lore, recognizing the monumental endeavors collectively accomplished by dedicated pilots whose endurance and perseverance to achieve a common goal, despite any difficulties, setbacks or opposition, were secured. This award commemorates the final success those pilots whose determination through teamwork and their dedicatory steps taken to preclude future loss and/or injury to the current (and future) achievements of Bloodstone Industries (and all its members) including its assets, associations and against-all-odds were reached as the end of YC 112 drew to a close. These pilots are to be saluted.

The Tech II Bloodstone Achievement

Braveguy 2008.11.27

The Tech II Bloodstone Achievement is a "scientific right of passage" for key members within the Science, Industrial and Manufacturing Laboratories of Bloodstone Industries. This award proudly celebrates and recognizes this member's hard work and determination in the study and application of Tech II scientific research and manufacturing knowledge. Such a recognized member of the Bloodstone Brethren makes us all proud because, through their skill training, educational persistence and scientific determination, they are true examples of Bloodstone Industries: "Turmoil prior to perfection."

Capital Industrial Mining Platform License (and Authent-ID Subdermal KeyChip)

Mell Anders 2009.5.20
Jared Tobin 2009.05.20
Abner G 2009.05.20
Malc2 2009.08.28

A pilot carrying this license has completed the necessary Industrial Mining Platform Pilot and Fleet courses and has full priveleges (and responsibilities) to operate all Capital Industrial Ships and Mining Platform Rigs while a corporate member. (This Authent-ID Subdermal Nanochip grants access to all Bloodstone Industries owned hangar-docked ship controls, providing clearance only when implanted near the proper security level Bloodstone Industries Authent-ID Nanochip.) Fly safe!

Our motto (and creed) is like the Bloodstone itself: "TURMOIL PRIOR TO PERFECTION." With every project we take on, those who pull their own weight to help get the project/jop done as fast as possible will be given equal shares of the end result's ISK per job. With the introduction of Bloodstone Industries' "Phase II", our Bloodstone Industries Market serves to generate income for the Corp's internal savings, rewards/gifts for our Bloodstone Brethren, and provide steady paychecks to contributing members and the Lead Staff. We do have some prerequisites if you're thinking of joining Bloodstone Industries:
  • Language: English only. (Sorry, our Babblefish tank broke.)
  • Age: 44+ days old.
  • Caldari State standing of at least 2.0 and above.
  • Time: Initially, no less than once a week in game activity. DEFINITION: Activity is participation with others, spending time following up your goals and interaction with others - and most importantly, using our corporation to only log in one minute to skill train and log out is unacceptable. (#1 OVERRIDE IS RL [Real Life]: RL comes first, and everyone takes breaks, vacations, and even unforeseen events occur that are obvious exceptions to this rule.)
  • "Pirates" need not apply. (Just simply a mutual conflict of interests.) Yes, we know we may have occasional trade contracts, lower sec mining agreements and diplomatically work with people or corporations in lower sec space from time to time: That's our prerogative.
  • No negative sec levels. If you do, we will see if raising your levels is within your grasp and integrities' interests.
  • Please note trust is earned, not assumed. If you're accepted into Bloodstone Industries, you will be called a "Bloodstone Freshcut" (Level 1 security status). Your promotion into Level 2 security clearance will be assessed by the Lead Staff as well as all other members who interact with you, and your promotion can occur anywhere between 2-8 weeks. Until then, take the time to get to know other members, get a feel for how we work together, laugh together, and even fight together.
  • MATURITY WARNING: We are all mature pilots who have been out in space for quite a long time... And when you've been around the 'verse that long, we all tend to use "mature" (and/or explicit) language in our broadwave communications... (Mell's been using the "F" word a lot lately) not to mention some of us drink and smoke on the job. If this offends you, or you are too young for mature content and mature language, you have been officially warned, and you probably shouldn't be playing Eve due to CCP's age restrictions.
  • TIME ZONES: Currently the majority of our members are based between GMT-8 (US) through GMT+2 (EU), residing mainly (so far) in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and other various realms of the EU - however our intent and goal, as we grow, is to encompass the world across an entire day. Every time zone is welcome, however English is our primary language, as stated earlier.
Membership applications are accepted at our HQ and Bloodstone Market station: Saisio VII - Moon 1 - Peace and Order Unit Testing Facities station as well as any other station with an office of ours in it.
Lastly, if you're looking for a corporation who will just give you ISK on a Mercoxit platter, turn around now. Don't look back. No joke.

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